We found a plasma TV by the dumpster. Lots of neat stuff inside. Say, this here 6-LED indicator with a M62320FP chip, an I/O port expander for I2C. Not to mention all the aluminum…

Bus Pirate v3.5

6 LEDs, one I2C demultiplexer

Very conveniently, BP has a BASIC interpreter, enough to goof around.

20   LET A=116
30   LET M=255
40   LET V=63
50   START
60   SEND A
70   SEND M
80   SEND V
90   STOP
100  DELAY 500
120  REM IF V=0 THEN GOTO 150
121  IF V=0 THEN LET V=127
125  LET V=V/2
130  GOTO 50
150  END

Should have made a cylon, yeah.