A ‘Palm Sunday bouquet’, an ‘Easter palm’, ‘verba’ or ‘Palma wielkanocna’ is a Lithuanian/Polish contraption used by local Catholics for Easter rituals. Since no palm trees grow here, people started making their own out of willow and juniper branches, dried herbs and flowers and other stuff. They are, as a rule, ugly dust collectors (the bouquets).

Several years ago I thought about welding them from junk and putting them up for sale during a spring fair, simply for fun. Now, I couldn’t weld two things together without melting half of the planet, but pwf can and so he made an Easter palm out of old cutlery we had around. Just for the sake of implementing the idea.

Easter palm1

He washed away the old fat and dust, then cut off the plastic handles and welded spoons/knifes/forks together with a TIG welder. There was also a selling story about Lithuanian bridal customs and killing wild elks with a verba, but it was lost during a period of inebriation that followed.