We all know the importance of changing engine belts regularly. The knowledge by itself, though, does not prevent them from evaporating on the highway.

This happened to a certain folks’ wagon we are acquainted with. Given the opportunity, we decided to change the whole lot: the power steering belt, the alternator belt, and the water pump belt.

The first one was easy, the second required some yoga, and the third seemed down right impossible to access without disassembling the front of the vehicle.

Or at least the water pump pulley. Which was held tight by three allen screws, which could not be unscrewed, because the pulley would rotate instead. It is, after all, a pulley – that’s what they do.

You know what our fathers would have done in this case. We surely didn’t, so we went online.

Long story short, we found special tools similar to this. Paying 30$, waiting for a week and using it twice didn’t sound exactly right. So various artists (who did most of what I’m describing) cut a similar shape from a piece of 2.5 mm sheet metal.

Water pump pulley holder tool

I can’t give the exact measurements, they’re somewhere in adude’s notebook, but the 3 holes are approx. 14 mm in diameter, set out about 22 mm from the center point. The middle has to be cut out for a firm grip on the pulley.

If you intend to make one, have 6 holes instead of 3. The reason here is the tool can only be turned 60° freely inside the engine compartment. The blueprints, though, might look like a zionist conspiracy.