What is wemakethings.net?

veox: When my DynDNS domain went down due to neglect in 2012, I had to hastily get a new one for e-mail. This one was easy to pronounce and unclaimed.

The site is now a blog/dump of various projects, from simple daily tricks through weekend projects to coordinated field operations, some silly, some performed with scientific vigor.

Most of it is open source, unless we were lazy.

Who are you people?

We’re a bunch of friends from Vilnius, Lithuania (that’s Eastern Europe, just in case). We make things, and we like to share them. We’d like others around us to do the same; that’s why we’re starting a hackerspace.

How do we get in touch?

A common address to get in touch with all of us is wmt at this domain.

Some can be contacted individually, by using author at this domain.