Every human associated with a feline knows that these domestic animals find laptop computers highly valuable. Why do they find these machines so fascinating? Is it because of their intristic property to produce heat? Or is it because it appears to be a highly important asset as humans tend to spend a reasonable amount of time attached to these devices every day? We couldn’t simply ask our feline friend, as she was quite busy tending herself, we could only guess…

Problem - a cat on a loptop

Well, fortunately we had some 0.2mm nichrome wire so we were able to make a quick prototype. By dropping 25 volts and having 130 Ohm resistance it was able to put out about 5W of heat. Well, actually our crappy power supply made from trash found on a street was not able to put out more.

A prototype

We had some cardboard saved from some free samples of semiconductor devices sent to us by one nice company so we used that as a base for our device.

A pad

Alpha was not very impressed with our invention

Slow start 1

You know the saying, cats don’t really give a fuck… Cats dont give a fuck

But maybe it’s not that bad after all… Slow start 2

Two days later - a WIN! WIN!